InnovazioneWelcome to Teca cardio experience.

The cardio with a technological heart powered by Hitachi, Hyundai and Samsung.

Our complete range of innovative equipment is highly advanced boasting real aesthetics with the latest technology that comes at great value. These machines are ideal for the success of any professional fitness club and are designed to offer comfortable, effective and enjoyable cardio sessions for everybody.

Hitachi: AC motors smooth and silent;
Hyundai: Inverters and electronic components;
Samsung: Integrated 15" LCD monitor.

Reliable, enjoyable, suitable.

TREADMILLS, BIKES, ELLIPTICALS and INDOOR CYCLING, granting silent yet powerful performance, easiness of use and quality.
All units are designed to provide the best training experience, with the latest cutting edge entertainment functions, maintaining the quality of performance. Teca provides state of the art technology at affordable prices. The machine works independently from its entertainment screens. The user can simultaneously view and manage all of the statistics of their individual training through interactive windows, that allow an uninterrupted cardio workout with the added entertainment options. Units are designed to provide an excellent experience, while targeting fitness goals on high performance technology solutions.

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