The importance of a complete core training has always been supported by biomechanic science, this ensures effective prevention of injuries and improves fitness performance, from everyday workouts to athletic sports training. Today, it is not only the fact that men desire to sculpt their bodies while women want flatter stomachs and firmer bodies, but they both now have greater attention to their health. TECA offers these new systems for body care that are more accessible for those with little knowledge of exercise.

Teca meets the widespread need to prevent injuries and help maintain functional rehabilitation. Teca does this with a serious emphasis to educate users with proper movement techniques, which ultimately gives perfect aesthetic results.

The result is CoreUp, the station designed and dedicated to work out the abdominal wall and lower back, which involves agonistic and antagonistic muscle synergies.

Core training is done from this single world innovative machine, in an upright position, with a real synergy that involves large muscle chains and stabilizing muscles, which closely works with the natural human motor activity.

With CoreUp the workout is more immediate, effective and accessible to overweight people, women and elderly, because it eliminates the difficulty of the exercise in the supine position and simplifies the execution to the training of the lumbar.

In addition to evidence of exceptional performance results on the core, this also improves balance and posture and increases the control of movement through functional strength.

In summary, CoreUp is a multi-use intuitive corner station that offers pure commercial and technical innovation. Coreup is motivating, fun, easy and quick; far from an exercise usually considered boring and repetitive.

Let's CoreUp!

An innovative concept that has already won the prestigious international Fibo 2009 Innovation award for Beauty and it has again earned the nomination for 2010. Let's CoreUp!

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