What women want? Care and results!

Coming from 25 years of experience in training and fitness, we introduce to you, Donna. The innovative, quick, safe and effective concept of getting millions of women into your fitness Club, even the most sedentary, shy and quiet: the first ever workout corner specifically designed for women, which combines isolated body shaping with total body training, for a slimmer and sculpted body!

MyShape = localized deep tissue stimulation on problem areas such as legs, tums and glutes

That can be combined with

MyBody = total body muscle activation to sculpt and tone in a Standing Workout

Scientifically tested
The training system Donna guarantees visible, measurable and speedy results, for a whole new body!

"Scientific tests* developed by the Medical Sport and Cardiology Center of the Sport Medicine University
"D'Annunzio" – C.U.M.S. - Coordinated by Dr. Patrizio Ripari, has shown consistent reduction of body fat in
the problem areas during a 6 week treatment period on 80% of woman surveyed for the test."

* Research Project "Physiological – aesthetic effects by the training on women with special
circuit equipments, by Dr. Patrizio Ripari"

every woman asks for it, "A slimmer and fit body in a quick and effective way".
Donna is the answer

1. quicker and easier: let's attract them with routines that are within their reach. Incredibly effective workouts that take just 15 minutes of natural, intuitive movements for women that don't have the time or patience with fancy gym equipment.
2. visible results: let's capture their interest with exercises that are within their reach, and give immediate results. They've tried everything, sometimes with short-lived success: let's console them with a new and effective way of getting results, something they can do naturally and more importantly, something that will last.
3. privacy and care: let's understand female psychology. When a woman feels out of shape, she feels fragile, shy and would often rather stay covered up. Let's give her somewhere private to work out, away from prying eyes, somewhere to feel free to get back in shape in her own time.


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