Teca World


25 years in motion

We have been using all our energy for the last 25 years to bring more people in the world doing fitness and sports. We have listened to their demands, and responded with evolutive products and concepts which satisfy their needs at 100%. In all our activities we have always demonstrated creativity and precision. And this has not gone unnoticed: we have obtained two ISO Certifications (9001 and 14001) and have been rewarded with the prestigious FIBO Innovation Award for Switching in 2002 and Beauty in 2009, and in addition to that with two nominations in 2004 and 2010 for WarmUp and CoreUp. Working in contact with final customers, clubs, distributors, has transformed us in a company that works "on demand". The ability to know how to listen has carried us to new solutions and inventions, able to satisfy every idea or request.

TECA works " on demand" and with total control of production because it develops, plans and manufactures all the product lines in the factory. We are proud of the consideration and respect we gained on the market through our products, concepts and post-sales services, which are highly qualified. And also about the fact that our solutions guarantee to clubs, fitness chains, hotels and Spas high profit on the investments. Our rewarded products combine competitive prices and high quality: we are proud of what our ideas make for people, in the world.

Our mission

It is Teca commitment to get more people involved in fitness activity, our aim is to recruit different type of people, that goes from the outstanding athlete to the average person that have no passion for sport activity, this is all possible with continuous improvements and innovation of our products and concepts. We move every single step of our activities in promoting the fitness activity, through systems, products and services:

  • effective
  • easy to use
  • entertaining

The operating strategy of Teca and its partners is focused on the customer, with the primary objective to offer equipment able to satisfy the most rigorous quality and efficiency parameters, requested by the best clubs and centers dedicated to health, well-being and beauty.

Our points of strength

  • production process
  • know how
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Tradition
  • Exclusiveness
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