Salus per motum® Health through movement

More than 25 years of research and experience into the physiology of movement: Teca has never faltered in its research into the most valuable thing we possess, our health, and how to look after it in the most natural of ways: through movement.

The pursuit of the perfect body is an ancient tradition that goes back to the start of time, described in the writings of the oldest and wisest of civilisations that had discovered the secrets of physical and mental harmony and the joy that comes with living in a healthy body every day. Learning from the fascinating insights of our forebears, Teca has added visions of its own, perfected in years of dedicated research and technological innovation, inspired by nature and the extraordinary life force it has in abundance.

A new movement was born, where natural wellbeing becomes an all-consuming, all-over experience, as we journey towards a sense of beauty that we can feel inside and see outside, and that won't go away. With Beauty by Teca, looking good is no longer a luxury to aspire to, but the right of everyone who uses it: it is our duty to help them reach their goals with methods that have been tested, perfected and scientifically validated.

This is no longer a dream, but a groundbreaking fact of life, all made possible through personalized training
plans in singularly stylish environments: Fitness, Toning, Pampering, whatever wellness means to you, Beauty experience is the solution.

Beauty is the world's first fitness circuit ever designed and built as an object of design, as testified by the FIBO Design Innovation Award received.

A new frontier in scientific innovation, Beauty combines the benefits of the revolutionary standing workout with the dynamic aspects and advanced technology of a weight-free session in which resistance is constant and the results twofold, for a perfect physique in just 20 minutes. This natural and highly intelligent workout was designed to achieve the perfect balance between agonist and antagonist muscles.

Ideal for installation in luxury fitness clubs, health and wellness centres, spas, hotels and resorts, Beauty multiplies your development potential and appeal with members, offering the key to their physical fitness and to your business success.
The sleek profile mirrors the elongated elegance of a tulip, allowing it to fit perfectly even in the smallest of spaces in an infinity of colour combinations that can be customized to create unique, original spaces, even for architects and designers.


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