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The most effective way
to improve functional strength

Training in the standing position is the most positive and natural way to improve core strength, stability, flexibility and balance. Switching is the only training system that totally engages the body solicited actively and continuously. Intuitive, user friendly and easy adaptable to the physical needs of anybody, for this it does not require any specific assistance from an instructor. Extraordinary effectiveness.

The story behind the concept

The different way


With a curious mind, always inquisitive and looking for a ‘different way’, Deolo Falcone, the Inventor of Switching, has always been an innovator.Constantly driven by the passion for the study of human physiology and the pursuit of the "perfect" exercise, in the late 1990's he began to chase an idea that then turned into a great intuition.

“I noticed that the usual way that people with specific fitness goals were ‘working out’ involved one muscle group being exercised at a time, often in a seated position, with gaps in between the different exercises whilst changing equipment. Whilst this was effective and appealing to them, I also noticed that people with a more general approach to fitness, tended to focus more on aerobic exercise options and less on specific equipment. It struck me that there must be a ‘different way’ to exercise for these people who simply wanted more energy for life. The inspirational moment came when I realised that doing the opposite to the people with specific fitness goals could be that different way for them.”

But what could ‘the different’ way be?

  • Multiple muscle group involvement
  • Keep muscle motion throughout the workout
  • Exercise in standing position

To follow up on this great idea, Deolo worked with biomechanic experts to research and define his new way – the ‘different way’.
Deolo’s research concluded that standing up is the most positive and natural position to improve core strength, stability, flexibility and balance. Keeping a continuous stimulation of the muscle groups as much as possible, also contributes to a time efficient workout with a great feeling of positivity and energy burst. He realised and proved that the standing position is ‘the different way’ for people with a more general approach to fitness and for who looks for a more complete and effective training. After years of R&D, the outstanding outcome was the birth of a range of new and innovative equipment built around the principles of physiology and kinesiology, delivering an overall body workout in a standing position combining motion and quick change from a machine to another in a standing position.

For this, Switching was identified and defined revolutionary, and in 2002, was awarded the most desired FIBO Innovation Award for fitness equipment.
Deolo had become a recognised innovator and pioneer for exercising in standing position, and fully targeted the needs of everyone to be more active, strong and energetic every day.


Why training in a sitting position
if the standing one is more effective?

Switching delivers an overall body workout thanks to the more functional upright position, leading to an increased muscular involvement and higher caloric consumption. The result is more benefits to physical conditions and vitality, improving core strength, resistance, flexibility and balance.


Scientific tests

Test with fitness assessment device

+100% energy expenditure

Over the same training time, a workout with Switching produces an increase of between 34 and 100% in energy expenditure compared with traditional training methods.

Energy consumption assessment test performed by analysing the oxygen consumed while exercising in a standing position, for men and women, showing an increase of from 6 to 10/12 METS and beyond.

Test with a thermography

+125% muscle activity

Standing workout involves 90% of muscles, with an increase of 125% compared to workouts in a sitting position.

Thermal imaging* of exercising on a traditional chest press (1) and on Switching (2): each temperature is associated with a colour ranging from blue to red, indicating the gradual increase in muscle areas involved.

Posture assessment
Spinal load = 110 kg Spinal load = 70 kg

-40% spinal load

In the standing position there is less strain on the spine, greater respect for the physiological curves and constant activation of the core to give greater stability and added back protection.

Sitting down is erroneously considered to be a resting position: according to studies by Nachemson, Troiser and Caillet, the load on the spine increases considerably when seated, causing a lot of stress on certain anatomical structures.



Why Switching?

It’s a 10 machine, standing training system, keeping most muscle groups working during exercise.
  • accessible, 20-25 minutes for a non-stop, whole-body workout
  • inclusive, not intimidating
  • engaging and enjoyable, either in a group or individually
  • improves core strength, stability, flexibility, balance, thanks to its most positive and natural posture

The machines

Switching. Train different

Chest Press
Glute & Hip



Switching Fire

The tone & weight loss circuit training that combines isotonic activity on Switching machines and cardiovascular training. This combined circuit training, accessible and fast, improves strength, hypertrophy, muscle endurance, and aerobic capacity, in a single training session.


Switching Lady

Slimming and toning for women, thanks to the global and localized action to critical areas of the body.


Switching Kids

The first playful training system for kids to grow healthy and strong.

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